The 5 Best Sci Fi Quotes and Fantasy Quotes of the Week #3

Here they are! The 5 best Sci Fi Quotes and Fantasy Quotes from television for the week of May 19 – 25. There was a shortage of nerd shows this week with all the season finales plus the holiday weekend, so I dipped into the Mad Men well and what a deep well it was.

5. Continuum

Betty: Is it okay if I meet him alone? I just think it’s better if we meet nerd to nerd, you know.


4. Orphan Black

Art: Sarah told me to check on you.

Felix: That is so thoughtful, that takes the sting out being framed for murder.


3. Penny Dreadful

Vincent: There is a place where the malformed find grace, where the hideous can be beautiful, where strangeness isn’t shunned but celebrated. This place is the theatre.


2. Hannibal

Hannibal: If I’m ever apprehended, my memory palace will serve as more than a mnemonic system. I will live there.

Will: Could you be happy there?

Hannibal: All the palace chambers are not lovely, light and bright. In the walls of our hearts and brains, danger waits. There are holes in the floor of the mind.


1. Mad Men

Roger: Every time an old man talks about Napoleon, you know they’re gonna die.


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