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Audrey Kearns

When Audrey was in college she took a writing class. Her professor wrote on one her papers, “Don’t stop writing. Keep writing. KEEP WRITING!!!” Faced with this praise, she promptly stopped writing. She did, however, for the next 10 years, act at many theatres and theme parks in Orlando, Florida. She even had a wildly successful theatre company (Discount Comedy Outlet) with her husband. Now, after a decade, Audrey’s found herself in Los Angeles finally writing again, still acting and trying to figure out how to choreograph a laser fight on stage.  She’s the co-creator of 5 Truths and a Lie and is sure that it will take over the liberal, sandal-wearing, green tea-sipping podcast market. Her dream was to have this cool website for her musings, her thoughts and her stories. She really hates it when people use the word musings.