All I Wanted Was a Geeky Shirt

All I wanted was a geek t shirt and what I got was body image issues and a reason to rant.

This is a rant. It is not a well-formed, grammatically checked essay or blog entry. So Grammar police, take a step back.

I just got my new 50th Anniversary Doctor Who shirt in the mail. I knew it was coming today and I had planned to wear it this evening. But I can’t. Why? Well, because although I’m a size 12, I cannot fit into the XL shirt I ordered. Let me say that again,


Here is a picture of the shirt and then a picture of me (in a Star Trek jumper for some Geek Cred). Remember, this is an “EXTRA LARGE” shirt!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.11.46 PM    1267690_10151650914373940_1165002725_o

This is beyond ridiculous. It surpasses insulting. I could go on and on about Western Culture not including anything over a size 8 in their view of Utopia, however, I’m not because,  A. There are thousands of articles, essays, testimonials already out there – just Google the subject and get ready to be blasted by the noise and B. All this noise just falls on deaf ears. Folks pretend they listen but they do not.

Yes, companies like Dove make commercials to portray what “real” women look like but even those models are thin and pretty. My friend works regularly in Hollywood. She went into a fitting and the costumer said, “Finally! I get to dress a full figured woman.” My friend is a size fucking 4!

Why can’t I get a normal fucking shirt? I’m tall and a size 12 so I know the routine. When I order a ladies/girls/womens/whatever the shit you want to call it shirt, it needs to be an XL. I’ve learned this through trial and error. Does that make sense? No. You see, logically, this shouldn’t be the case but evidently, the powers that design t-shirts for females have a type. That type is a 12-year-old girl. Shame on you, fuckers. Shame on you for leaving the majority of the population out because you’re afraid of a little fat. I hope you choke on it.

To Think Geek, I’m pretty sure a large portion of your sales, if not the majority, are from women. Do us a favor, please, I beg you, check these shirts out before you buy them from the vendors. Put your foot down and demand sizes that include a larger portion women. You know why? BECAUSE WE HAVE MONEY THAT WE WANT TO SPEND ON GEEKY SHIRTS! So if profit is what motivates you, help a size 12 out, why don’t you?

And to Doctor Who by Her Universe, is it really a “Her” that’s approving these? Yes? Then she should be shamed and fired. No? Then get a woman in there that understands what actual women look like in the actual world. Be inclusive, not exclusive. Please.

Rant over. But I’m still really mad. I liked that shirt!



  • Alexx Miller says:

    I am a large woman, and I love the womans/ladies…. t-shirt style. But even a 3X which is what I wear in regular shirts is too F**king small in geeky T-shirts. I have to wear a mens style to fit. It really sucks!

  • Sakura says:

    This is the sort of thing that makes me really angry. This isn’t about size, if an average sized woman can’t fit into a shirt that should be by definition a size or two larger than average it’s a problem. It seems like one more excuse to make women feel bad about their size that is not extended to men.
    I am a plus sized woman who has to also order mens shirts to get a large enough size to fit comfortably, but in comparison a man’s shirt is 2 or 3 sizes larger than women’s shirt. I can understand one size difference, but when it is -that- much, it seems drastically off.

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