Everybody Scooter!

June 2012, Audrey Kearns

I just got back from a walk. As I was walking down a beautiful tree lined street in Culver City, I saw a group of young boys. It struck me as a “boys of summer” group that had just formed. It seemed to me that they were very excited to be outside without adults at 7pm on a warm Friday evening. I’d say they ranged in age from  8-11. There were about 7 of them, all on a narrow stretch of sidewalk, all clustered in a group and all on scooters. They weren’t riding their scooters too well because they kept all bumping into each other’s scooters and falling. I thought to myself, “you know, you kids should spread out.” There were a lot of grunts and “move over” and “watch it!” Finally, one boy, who I chose to fantasize was the leader of their little scooter gang got mad. This what he yelled, “We’re supposed to be scootering! How can we be scootering if you are not going to scooter. Everybody scooter!”

This gave me the biggest chuckle I’ve had in a while and I had to share with you.

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