I Can’t Quit You

Here’s a little story about discovering I have OCD and how I conquered my addiction to going to church. Yep, that was my addiction. When I roll, I roll HARD.

Audrey Kearns from an evening storytelling with 5 Truths and a Lie:

Listen to my story here. Enjoy!

Please share and retweet. This story, while funny and a hoot to share, also was the first time I had ever publicly discussed my OCD. My OCD, while very very mild, is still something I have to navigate through every day. If other people can hear this story it might help them understand that OCD isn’t just what you see on Monk and it also may help people with issues of their own, talk about it. That’s right, I’M CHANGING THE WORLD, MOTHERHUNKERS!

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  • alisha says:

    So I listened to this on Sunday morn. How appropriate. All those years you dragged me to church I thought I was putting in my time too!
    Beautiful story……. Thanks for this dear sister…..

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