NASA’s Global Selfie Is Here!

Remember when it was Earth Day and I tweeted about the Global Selfie photomosaic that NASA was putting together? NASA said to take a selfie while holding a sign saying where you were in the world and then they were going to take all the selfies and created a photomosaic of Earth from space.

I took mine in my garden. Well, my husband’s garden, I don’t know how to grow things. Right after I took my selfie, I promptly forgot to send it in. Now I’m kicking myself, or “kicking my selfie,” get it? I apologize. I won’t do that again. Here’s the selfie I never sent in .

Audrey's Global Selfie

Anyway, here’s the cool result. There are over 36,000 selfies in this picture. Visit NASA’s page or GigaPan’s page where you can look at the Global Selfie photomosaic and zoom in and out. It’s really cool. Even though I’m not in it.

NASA Global Selfie


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