One Creative Principle from Jose Rivera, Playwright

I love this. Great piece from Jose Rivera.

We write plays in order to ORGANIZE DESPAIR AND CHAOS. To LIVE vicariously. To play GOD. To PROJECT an idealized version of the world. To DESTROY things we HATE in the world and in OURSELVES. To REMEMBER and to FORGET. To LIE to ourselves. To PLAY. To DANCE with language. To BEAUTIFY the landscape. TO FIGHT LONELINESS. To INSPIRE others. To imitate our heroes. To bring back the past and raise the dead. To achieve TRANSCENDENCE over ourselves. To FIGHT the powers that be. TO SOUND ALARMS. TO PROVOKE CONVERSATION. To ENGAGE in the CONVERSATION started by great writers in the past. To further EVOLVE the art form. TO LOSE OURSELVES IN OUR FICTIVE WORLD. To make money.

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