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April 18, 2012

Orlando’s own Brian Bradley, Audrey Kearns, Megan Whyte Soule and Matt Soule bring their smash-hit L.A. show “5 TRUTHS AND LIE” to the 2012 Orlando International Fringe Festival May 16 – 28. A mix of wild storytelling and rollicking humor, the waiting-list-only “5 Truths” is a must-see event where six storytellers each weave an entertaining tale in front of a live audience. The twist is one person is lying through their pretty little teeth. At the end of the show, the audience tests their lie-detecting skills and tries guess the fibber. The 2012 Orlando International Fringe Festival has time constraints therefore the hour long show will have five entertaining stories at each performance and will be called “4 TRUTHS AND LIE.”

 This is a true homecoming. After years of success in Hollywood, Brian, Audrey, Megan and Matt are excited to return to their old stomping ground and reconnect with friends, family and fans. Brian and Audrey’s Discount Comedy Outlet enjoyed wild success in Orlando for years and became one of the hottest tickets in the city. Additionally, they staked their claim in the Orlando theatre scene. Megan Whyte and Matt Soule entertained audiences for years as feature players at Orlando’s long-running SAK Comedy Club, in addition to area theatre, Foolfests and Fringe performances.

“One night over a glass (or two..okay, three) of wine,” says Brian, “we started talking about the simplicity of the storytelling thing and how many interesting friends we have in L.A. and everywhere else and how fun and easy it would be just to throw a party at our house and see what happens.” After a few months, their house wasn’t able to hold the huge crowd of fans that soon became addicted to “5 TRUTHS,” so the team moved into a larger gallery space. They also began recording each show for the now popular 5 Truths and a Lie Podcast.

Audrey adds: “The magic of the show has grown beyond who is lying and who is not. In giving storytellers a single theme for the evening and listening to the stories they share, it’s become a unique experience for all involved. We all have stories. Every single one of us.”

After just one year, “5 TRUTHS AND A LIE” has hosted an amazing cast of storytellers including:

-Bill Lawrence, creator of Scrubs, Courgartown

-Michael McDonald, Groundlings alum, Mad TV, writer and director

-Stephanie Courtney, “Flo” from Progressive commercials, Groundlings alum

-Kevin Etton, television writer and producer for David Letterman, Scrubs and Workaholics

-Lauren Pritchard, Orlando alum, SAK, Mad TV, HBO’s True Blood and How I Met Your Mother.

-Jonathan Mangum, Orlando alum, SAK, The Price is Right announcer, The Wayne Brady Show

-Christa FlanniganMad TVMad Men, Playboy

Additionally, the “4 TRUTHS” team has lined up a number of your favorite Orlando performers. There will be five new storytellers at each of the seven shows. Each show will also have a unique theme. The storytellers are excited to join 4 Truths and a Lie and try their hand at truth-or-lie-telling, ensuring a true bi-coastal experience, sure to become a fast fan favorite for the 2012 Orlando Fringe Festival.

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