Star Trek Holds Up Starbucks

I’m the annoying person that held up the line at Starbucks today. It wasn’t because I was on my phone, it wasn’t because I was fumbling around looking for my wallet and it wasn’t because I’m a PA ordering twenty  Tall 3-shot, 1-pump, sugar-free hazelnut soy lattes. It was because a Starbucks Cashier and I were having a chat about which Star Trek show was better: Deep Space Nine or Voyager.

I wore a Voyager shirt today. Yes, I have a Voyager shirt from 15 years ago. (I also have a Spock bathrobe, thank you very much). I was ordering my drink when the following conversation happened:

Starbucks Employee (SE): Is that a Voyager shirt you’re wearing?

 Me: Yes.

SE: Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those.

Me: I got it 15 years ago and recently found it when I was going through my closet to donate stuff to Good Will.

 SE: You can’t donate that shirt. You have to keep it

 Me: Oh, I’ll never get rid of this shirt although I did cut the collar and sleeves a little bit.

SE: No offense, I could never get into Voyager, it just wasn’t my thing. But I really really really liked Deep Space Nine especially towards the end when they had the war with The Dominion.

Me: Yeah, but I think Deep Space Nine was way too soapy.

 SE: Yeah, it was a bit soapy.

 Me: They really had no choice but to make it soapy. I mean, the whole show revolved around a space station that was stagnant and stationary.  Everything had to come to them. Everything was about the Bajorans and who Dr. Bashir was in love with. No wonder it got boring. It did get better when they added The Defiant and the crew could actually go places and also, like you said, when The Dominion War happened.  The Vorta, Changelings and Jem’hadar were super cool aliens. I really thought, writing-wise, that they were well-developed races and cultures. Their history was awesome, especially the Vorta.

 SE: (silence)

Me: I think Captain Janeway was a better captain than Sisko.

 SE: (longer silence)

 Me: I’ll have a Triple Venti Latte and a Classic Sausage Sandwich.


  • Debra says:

    Oooh How I bow down to your uber geekiness!

    You are a Star Trek Commander in your own right!

  • Puck says:

    I’m an easy Trekkie. I like them all, even Enterprise. I do think Janeway was a rad Captain but I also like a man called Hawk…I mean Sisko. He would have made a fabulous Oberon in Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Michael Moore says:

    DS9 was soapy because it was a show about relationships – with people, places, things, even God. Whereas Voyager (or any Trek ship-based show) is about one night stands – planet and/or culture of the week. Both are cool in different ways.

    Although Voyager sucked.

    • audrey says:

      Well, you and I didn’t watch the same Voyager then.

      Voyager was a strong character driven show with a flawed captain. Her journey was an incredible portrayal of a person trying to cling to their training/beliefs while being bombarded with new ethic struggles from all sides.

      A show about one night stands and culture of the week? I think not. Voyager’s whole run was about relationships of a whole crew that only had each other as they tried to get back home.

      Saying Voyager is not about people, places, things and God is surprising. Voyager was constantly facing these themes as they traveled through the Delta Quadrant trying to find their way home.

      We shall agree to disagree.

  • Thuan says:

    Wow Audrey. Whatever level is above Trekkie is what you are. :-)

  • Christi says:

    I agree with you that Janeway was awesome, and overall I really loved the Voyager characters. However, I felt like the show kinda suffered from Gilligan’s Island or Wizard of Oz syndrome – all about trying to get home and never being able to. At some point that concept just stopped working for me.

    ST:TNG is my favorite, though I would totally wear a Voyager t-shirt. :-)

    It’s been too long since I’ve talked about ST with anyone. :-)

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